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Agoge was the school that the Spartans sent their sons to develop them to become Spartan Warriors.  In the same way, Agoge Team & Leader Development will help your Teams to become as effective and efficient as a modern-day Special Forces Team.

Our logo has been chosen for the symbology that each element holds in the business and our culture.  ​

The Spartan shield relates back to the phalanx of the Spartans and how the Spartan would shield the man next to him instead of himself.  This is the Agoge way of trusting and protecting.  


The helmet indicates individual protection and the swords illustrate an unrivaled focus in our approach to solve client’s problems.


In the same way that the laurel wreath symbolizes the bond between the global Special Forces community, it symbolizes the bond between our clients and Agoge.

In our logo our 3 core values are exemplified:

  • Trust (Shield) - for each other and the trust our clients have in us


  • Protection (Helmet) - of our clients' interests


  • Aggression (Swords) - to aggressively and energetically solve our clients' problems by  giving the best of ourselves to each other and our clients

Social Economic Development Strategy

At Agoge we focus on assisting former South African Special Forces Operators who have been injured or have fallen on hard times by donating 1% of our Contract Value to the South African Special Forces Association.


This is our way of showing respect and appreciation for the Special Forces Operators who have served our Country.