Leader Development Programme


At Agoge, we use real-life stories and mission scenarios to illustrate how Special Forces Teams manage to be successful in their operating environments. These cornerstone principles are then adapted to the business and corporate environment, allowing you to replicate these principles to lead your teams to mission success.  Making your team as efficient and effective as a Special Forces Team in your business environment.


This programme will help you, as a Leader of a dynamic team, to develop your skills in order to ensure success of projects and operations. The outcome of this course is to be able to understand, identify and implement the Special Forces Principles in your business environment. Moreover, you will increase your team’s ability to handle and successfully complete any challenging projects or assignments.


Key Focus areas
  • Developing your abilities to focus on the Mission, the Team and yourself.

  • Increasing your confidence in your leadership abilities.

  • Creating the ability to utilize your "Commander's Intent".

  • Creating an environment of trust within your team.

  • Developing the skill of leading and proactively identifying problems using the "Eyes up and looking out" approach.


Team Development Programme


This programme has been designed to develop and create a ONE Team mentality. A team that is focused on ONE Mission and uses all the skills, knowledge and experience of all team members in order to successfully achieve the desired goal. 


Through the use of stories and experiential learning, we illustrate how Special Forces developed their Teams to be successful in their operating environments and adapt these principles to your teams. Through this your team will become as effective as a Special Forces Team in your operating environment.


Key Focus areas


  • Creating ONE Team with ONE Mission.

  • Developing the “Special Forces Culture” within teams which focuses on trust, support, accountability and focusing on the mission.

  • Understanding the impact of Roles.

  • Creating Leader/Followers whereby every team member has the ability to lead and follow when needed.

  • Creating a resilience in the team to overcome and adapt to challenges.

  • Utilizing the Operational Planning methodology to ensure successful completion of projects.


Operational Planning


Special Forces teams have conducted multiple dangerous operations in high threat and dynamic environments. But the mission is often not over straight away, and offshoot missions need to be carried out, often these “follow on” missions entail planning on route to the target point. This course is derived from that very flexible capability shown by Special Forces and aims to teach some of the principles applied in mission planning. 

How can we as business leaders recreate the same capability in our Business Teams? 


This programme was designed using the Special Forces Planning methodology as a template.  This planning methodology creates the ability for your teams to effectively plan and execute leading to success.  It involves methods to conduct in-depth analysis and appreciation of all relevant information and influencing factors pertaining to a specific project or problem. This is done by identifying all the relevant situations that may be encountered during an assignment and identify the following:


  • The equipment required.

  • To have an action plan for each possible outcome.

  • How to effectively communicate and know what is required of each team member throughout the operational assignment.

  • How to adapt to follow up missions, or exploit successes and targets of opportunity, using SMEC- Situation, Mission, Execution  and Coordinating Instructions.


Key Focus areas


  • Planning Operational assignments that can be used by all Organizational Teams to ensure success. This is then aligned to the Operational and Strategic goals of your Organization.

  • Developing the communication language required for effective operational planning.

  • Creating the ability for teams to effectively develop their Operational Plans. This is done through understanding what is required from each other throughout the plan.

  • Creating a base plan and developing contingencies for all situations and scenario’s that may occur.

  • How to dynamically adapt to opportunities created by using SMEC.

  • Initiating the understanding of focusing on the “bigger picture” and the impact that the assignments have on the overall operational success of the organization.


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